Lieutenant Sam


Lieutenant Sam Tim
Corps Officer/Pastor
416-251-8372 x 221

Hi Lakeshorians!

We are so excited to be your new corps officers and can’t wait to meet all of you! Here’s a brief 411 on the Tim clan: Lieut. Sam loves music and can play the cornet (trumpet), trombone, piano and drums. He is the proud supporter of both the Nigerian and Chelsea (England) football (soccer) teams and loves nothing more than kicking a football around. His fav food is anything spicy (the hotter the better!) Hint: if you see his nose starting to run, that means it’s super hot! Lieut. Mary also loves music and has had a long time argument with Lieut. Sam as to which is the best brass instrument. He claims (incorrectly!) that the cornet is the best, while Mary firmly (and correctly!) is of the opinion that the baritone is by far the most awesome instrument around. She also plays the piano and adores reading and watching Murdoch Mysteries. Bethany is a super smart, inquisitive 8 year old who adores ballet, gymnastics, reading and rainbow loom. You will see her uber-curly hair in a myriad of different styles, from 40 little braids to pigtails. Inside scoop: even though her hair looks like it only goes a little past her shoulders, when it’s pulled tight, it almost goes down to her waist! Benjamin is a 6 year old ball of energy with a heart of gold who enjoys dancing and watching sports games. He loves hamming it up, but will drop everything to comfort someone who he notices is sad or feeling down. During down time, you will often find him working hard to perfect his slapshot, while simultaneously singing various worship songs. We know that Capt. Lori has done amazing work with you and the community and we look forward to walking alongside you as you continue your spiritual journey.


Lieutenants Sam and Mary

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