Lieutenant’s Corner

According to Solomon (who is viewed as being a very wise man, so I’m guessing that he was probably right about this), “there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  I would like to adjust Ecclesiastes 3 for our time at Lakeshore:

  • A time to be installed as new officers and a time to be farewelled as ‘old seasoned’ officers.
  • A time to unpack boxes and a time to carton items up,
  • A time to bang on the drums and a time to be silent,
  • A time to learn new names and a time to give good-bye hugs,
  • A time to be ‘Rightenant’ and a time to be ‘Lieutenant’,
  • A time to take the elevator up to the fourth floor and a time to take it all the way down to the basement,
  • A time to dance and laugh and a time to stand still and meditate,
  • A time to plant new flowers and a time to rip out the weeds,
  • A time to stand on kettles and a time to pack the kettles away for next year,
  • A time to start new programs and a time to pass the torch to new leaders,
  • A time to play the trumpet ‘Louis Armstrong’ style and a time to pack the instrument away,
  • A time to turn on the heat and a time to crank up the air conditioning,
  • A time to eat three bowls of the “Soup King’s” masterpiece and a time to say ‘I’m full’,
  • A time to transform the fellowship hall into a toy store and a time to change it back,
  • A time to head off to camp and a time to drive back home,
  • A time to give our tithes and offerings and a time to count them,
  • A time to bid on items at the Silent Auction and a time to award the winners,
  • A time to fight with the old dishwasher and a time to buy a new one,
  • A time to speed up the worship team’s songs and a time to slow down and sing quietly,
  • A time for a Leadership Team and a time for a Mission Board,
  • A time for Mary to lose her voice and a time for her to get it back (five times!),
  • A time to have plumbing problems and a time to have things flow smoothly,
  • A time to open the doors of the Corps building and a time to set the alarm and lock up,
  • A time to enroll new soldiers and a time to promote others to glory,

And finally…

  • A time for us and a time for the Lindholms.

In verse 14 of Ecclesiastes 3, Solomon wrote “I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it.”

Mary and I know, without a doubt, that God will continue to bless and use Lakeshore to win souls for Jesus.  It has been an incredible joy to journey alongside you for the past two years as you have grown and matured in your faith.  We are confident that even greater things are in store for Lakeshore in the years and decades to come.  Thank you, in advance, for how we know you will welcome the Lindholms and support them in their ministry here at Lakeshore.

God bless you richly,

Lieut. Sam.




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