Lieutenants Corner – May 2017

Every year, throughout the Salvation Army world in Canada, Corps participate in a process called the ‘Annual Corps Review’ where (big surprise!) the Officers, along with the Mission Board review the Corps’ programs and impact in the last year (aka ‘annual’).  As you might
expect, the purpose of the experience (other than giving me an opportunity to feel important and sign the line above ‘Corps Officer’) is to look at what is going well, what needs to be improved and to decide what the focus will be for the upcoming year.  This year’s main goals are as follows:

  1. Plan and implement greater community involvement and evangelism ventures in the neighbourhood. While many in our community are aware of our Family Services programs and services, our Corps is less
    well-known.  We want to be bringing people into the building – not just for food or supplies, but for Christ.
  2. Attract, train and mobilize more volunteers for our youth programs (Sunday School, Kid’s Club and Tween Team). It is our desire that these volunteers will seek to instill the love of Jesus in the youth that come to Lakeshore.
  3. Fully implement the Mission Board model and become comfortable with how the different committees (Business, Program and Pastoral Care) work and interact with the various issues and problems of the Corps and Family Services.
  4. Put a great emphasis on tithes and offerings and see an increase in the giving of our Corps members.


Before you give me a major thumbs up for the magnificent wording, I must confess that I just copied the four goals out word for word from the document.  However, I prefer short, easy-to-remember wording, so here are the same goals, just chopped down significantly:


1) Evangelism

2) Youth volunteers

3) Mission Board

4) Tithes and offerings


I want to challenge each of you to take on at least 2 of these goals and look for ways that you can help us
succeed in achieving them.  How can you do that?


Well, first and foremost, everyone – from the 3 year old to the 99 year old – can and should be seeking out ways to share God’s love and his story of hope and forgiveness with those in our community.  Evangelism isn’t just for Billy Graham and other ‘superstar’ speakers.

Are you interested in working with youth?  You don’t need to have a bunch of letters after your name to teach children about Jesus – the most important quality is having a heart that loves Jesus and wants to serve Him.

Obviously, not everyone is part of the Mission Board or the committees.  However, everyone can support this new venture with prayer and encouragement.

No one likes talking about financial giving.  But, the fact of the matter is that it costs money to keep the lights turned on.  You might feel that you “can’t afford to give right now.”  But, I can guarantee you that God will NOT let you starve if you give your tithe to Him.  Give it a try!  See what blessings God will show you when you
joyfully give.

God has awesome things in store for Lakeshore in the coming year.  Let’s see how we can work together to achieve these goals.

God bless you richly,

Lieut. Sam.

Lieut. Sam Tim


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