Women’s Ministries

Ladies Night Out!

This fellowship is held every Monday at 7:00 p.m. and offers women of all ages an opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere for food, fun, encouragement, and inspiration. Child care is offered the first Monday of each month.

Call the office at 416-251-8372 x 224 to find out about upcoming programs and special guests.

Our pledge:

Believing that Christian principles are the foundation of a good home,

Realizing the importance of a woman’s influence, and

Recognizing my personal responsibility to my family,

I pledge myself to:

Be friendly; say the encouraging word; radiate cheer and good will; uplift and lend a helping hand; seek to uphold moral standards always; promote the interest of home and family.

Ladies of all ages are welcome –join us for fun and fellowship you DESERVE a night out and be sure to bring your friends!