Hannu and Gerry Lindholm
    “We are so very excited to be coming to Lakeshore!”   Captains Gerry & Hannu Lindholm     Captain Hannu is Finnish Canadian (dual citizen) and my formal name is Geraldine but I prefer Captain Gerry.  We have been married for almost 38 years and have two awesome […]

Please Welcome to Lakeshore – Captains Lindholm!

Packing Ninja
In less than 2 months now, the Tim clan will depart Lakeshore for the wild, wild west.  Okay, so it isn’t actually the wild, wild west – it’s more the flat, flat west, but you get the idea.  This will be the 23rd move that I will have made in […]

Rightenant’s Corner – May 2017

Lieut. Sam Tim
Every year, throughout the Salvation Army world in Canada, Corps participate in a process called the ‘Annual Corps Review’ where (big surprise!) the Officers, along with the Mission Board review the Corps’ programs and impact in the last year (aka ‘annual’).  As you might expect, the purpose of the experience […]

Lieutenants Corner – May 2017

Join us as we partner with Etobicoke Temple and York Community Church to celebrate Easter 2017 .  We are pleased to welcome to Toronto 8 Cadets from The Salvation Army Collage for Officer Training  as they lead on for the various events.   Thursday April 13 – Join us at […]

Easter Weekend 2017

Please welcome Cadets Johnny and Carolina Valencia along with their children Samuel, Natalie and Daniel who will be specialling at Lakeshore for theEaster weekend from The Salvation Army Collage for officer training (CFOT).   Johnny:  I first discovered my call to full-time ministry when I was 18, and since then, […]

Welcome Cadets Valencia & Family