Please Welcome to Lakeshore – Captains Lindholm!


Hannu and Gerry Lindholm


“We are so very excited to be coming to Lakeshore!”


Captains Gerry & Hannu Lindholm



Captain Hannu is Finnish Canadian (dual citizen) and my formal name is Geraldine but I prefer Captain Gerry.  We have been married for almost 38 years and have two awesome daughters , two wonderful son-in-law’s and 6 incredible grandchildren – 3 boys and 3 girls.  One family lives in Wasaga Beach and the other in Midland.  They will be down to visit for sure!

We have been officers for 12 years and 8 of those years were served in the Finland and Estonia Territory.  Hannu served there as the Corps and Community Service Officer in both small and large corps and I was in leadership at the Training College.  Our future may include a return to that territory but not for awhile.  We are absolutely sold out to God and have witnessed miraculous things that have given us great faith and a strong desire to serve.  We came into officership in our 40’s after previous careers – I was a social worker and then a teacher and Hannu served 22 years in the Canadian Forces and then had his own log building company.

I am a teacher and a life-long learner.  I have administrative strengths and am a very organized and detail oriented person.  I sing and play guitar – 12 string and not well but passable.  My hobbies include: scrapbooking, cross stitching, quilting and reading. The quilting is new this year and I’m hooked!   I have discovered, over the last year, that I am gluten intolerant and that has changed my eating – still working that one out.

Hannu is an Evangelist  – his favourite expression is “Hallelujah!” – and he loves to spend his time out of the office and in the community.  He is an avid hockey player and has witnessed the transformation of many on the ice surface. Hannu has a guitar and would love to learn to play if someone wants to take on the challenge.  He also plays a little accordion.  Hannu collects hockey cards and oil lamps.

We both love to read and study the Word, enjoy preaching and leading Bible Study.  We are best friends and enjoy going to thrift stores together and exploring the community by doing lots of walking.  We like stained glass, antiques and Tim Hortons coffee.  We are strong Salvationists and see relationship as the ultimate expression of God’s love. Honesty, integrity and team work we value. We strive to be good stewards of all that God has given us and kettle time invigorates us – we love it, despite the long hours and hard work.  We have both had success leading specialized Bible studies.  Hannu has led a Compass 12 step program for men with addictions.  I have led a scrapbooking Bible study.  Perhaps those will be of interest in the Lakeshore community as well.  Only time will tell.

We have been praying for this appointment for almost a year as we knew when we came back to Canada last July that Wiarton would be temporary.

We are eager to come to Etobicoke and join the vibrant ministry that is happening in the Lakeshore community.


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