Rightenant Corner – June 2017


As I sit here, trying to think of exactly what to say for my final newsletter article, a million thoughts are swirling around in my little head.  Chief among them are: what parting words can I leave you all with?  I have built up a reputation in Lakeshore for my witty, silly and odd-ball articles that go all over the map in terms of topics.  I have been trying to think of what I could write that would be the proverbial ‘cherry on top’ masterpiece article.  Trouble is, nothing witty or entertaining has been coming to me.  In fact, I feel led to write something in a style totally different from my usual stream and tell you about an experience that I just had a few moments ago.  So, here goes:

We just arrived in Ottawa for a quick visit with my Grandma (on my mom’s side) before we head off on our epic trip out to big sky country (also known as the ‘land where you can watch your dog run away for three days’).  After supper, Sam and the kids got changed into their swimsuits and headed downstairs to the pool while I stayed up in the room to write my article.  A song by Joy Webb kept running through my head:

All around us, seemingly, darkness holds its sway.

Truth and love are faltering, peace in disarray.

And, if we needed you…We need you now.

Come into our world, come into our world, now, Lord Jesus!

While I was pondering this song and reflecting on the recent attacks in Manchester and London and the sadness and sorrow caused by these assaults, God spoke.  A few girls from a school group (I assume) are staying in the hotel room right next to ours.  The walls here are quite thin and thus, I have been privy to much of the girls’ conversations.

In the midst of their chattering, one girl piped up and said, “I love how the last verse in Revelation ends: ‘Amen’!”  Gotta be honest with you – I did not expect that!  Discussions about hair, boys, schoolwork or their fav actor – of course; but Bible verses?  Nope!  That was a shocker!  But…it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear at that moment.  Amen means ‘so be it’.  Just as I was singing in my head “Come into our world, now Lord, Jesus”, God spoke and said “Amen! So be it!”

I sat there, rather dazed with how perfectly God had spoken when – just to add the proverbial icing on the cake – God gave me a little ‘extra’ word.  A few minutes later, the same girl started talking about her favourite verse – Proverbs 27:19 “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.”  I mulled over those words for quite some time.  The more I pondered and contemplated the verse, the more God spoke and revealed things to me.  I thought of my own life and the ways (good and bad) that my everyday interactions reflect my heart.  Sometimes, I have to confess, that my heart is not always as focused on Christ as it should be, and the evidence of this ‘misalignment’ can be seen in my life.  However, there are other times when I come away amazed in a ‘wow!  I didn’t know God could do that through me’ type of manner.

As I mused over the verse more, I began to broaden it from a personal to a corporate level.  I thought of it in terms of Lakeshore.  “As water reflects the face, so Lakeshore’s life reflects its heart.”  The heart of Lakeshore is filled with love and service – and Sam and I have had the immense privilege of witnessing the myriad of ways that you prove this every single day.  We brag about you guys every chance we get!

As we prepare to leave Lakeshore and move out west to Yorkton, we are confident that you will continue to reflect Christ, who lives in your hearts.  Amen!  So be it!

‘Rightenant’ Mary Tim



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